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EMC Laboratory includes EMI (electromagnetic interference) and EMS (electromagnetic susceptibility), Laboratory in accordance with the domestic first-class, international advanced standard design and construction, It equipped with 3m semi/fully anechoic chamber, the performance of chamber is in line with relevant international standards ANSI, FCC, IEC and CISPR, and equipped with international advanced EMI and EMS testing equipment of United States, Germany, Switzerland and other countries, ITE,medical equipment, household appliances and electrical tools can be under test according to CISPR, EN, IEC, GB and industry standards,. Radiated, radio-frequency, electromagnetic field test ability can achieve 80M-6GHz, 30V/m.

EMC test can be divided into emission test(EMI) and immunity test(EMS).
  • Emission test
    Emission test
    External electromagentic disturbance of euipment under test(EUT)
  • Immunity test
    Immunity test
    Electromagentic susceptibility of euipment under test(EUT)