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2015 provincial government quality award winning enterprise results conference notice

author:Office of the Zhejiang provincial government quality award evaluation committee source:Quality and Technology Supervision of Zhejiang Province date:2016-06-17reading:

According to the Zhejiang Provincial People's Government Quality Award assessment management implementation details (2015 Revision), the award-winning enterprise will hold a conference to introduce their best practice experience to the community, to share the results achieved. The results will be announced as follows:

First, the conference time and place

Will be held in July 8, 2 award-winning enterprises held at the scene of the results of the enterprise conference.

Two, to participate in personnel

In the province with the industry enterprises, industrial chain cooperation enterprises, the proposed government quality award enterprises, Zhejiang famous brand production enterprise executives and quality management personnel, the relevant industry associations and representatives of the public.

Invite people's congresses at all levels, the CPPCC members, the relevant government departments and the media to participate.

Three, the conference content and way

The award-winning enterprises around the seven aspects of performance excellence model selected their own strong 1-2 special for publication; issued to special reports, expert comments, interactive questions, visit site, discussion and other forms.

Four, release arrangements

1, Zhejiang Wanfeng auto wheel Limited by Share Ltd

Time: June 28th 9:30

Theme: "people oriented, culture driven, promote the sustainable development of enterprises"

Registration contact: Ye Xiaobo Wang Haiying

Tel: 1358850777515167500904

Mailbox: haiying.wang@wfjt.com

2, Zhejiang xiziforward Electrical Machinery Co Ltd

Time: July 8th 13:30

Theme: "the implementation of excellent performance management to lead the efficient energy-saving motor"

Registration contact: Li Dan

Tel: 0571 -6107906413575473570

Mailbox: li.dan@hzforward.com

Five, conference organization

Winners of the outcome of the conference by the award-winning enterprise where municipal government quality award evaluation committee office organization implementation and hosted the award-winning enterprise. On behalf of the public, please apply to the relevant winning enterprises.

Office of the Zhejiang provincial government quality award evaluation committee

June 17, 2016